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Welcome to E and J Family Health Center where we are committed to keeping El Paso’s Families healthy and happy!

We are a full-service Family Medicine and health center in El Paso, Texas.  We are passionate about helping our community stay healthy and live better fuller lives. When a loved one is not feeling well, it not only places stress on that person, but the entire family, so this is why we started this clinic. 

Family Medicine - Family Physician

At E and J Family Health Center, we provide Family Medicine to the El Paso, Texas area.  What does family medicine mean? It means that we provide comprehensive care to patients of all ages and genders through all stages of life.   Click below for more information.

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Our Family Medicine Services

Sport related injuries.

Well Exams

Rheumatologic & Musculoesqueletal Disorders

Cholesterol & Lipid Disorders

Skin Disorders

Urgent Care

Well Woman Exams

Diabetes & metabolic disorders

Endocrine Pathologies

Minor Surgical Procedures


Isolation & Loneliness

Hypertension & Cardiovascular Disease

Obesity Management

Migraine & Neurological Disease

Our Approach & Values

At E&J Family Health Center, we believe in delivering holistic medical services to our clients. We see our patient as an individual who needs healing instead of just needing a fix for a disease. We take into account the patient’s overall physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing before recommending a treatment plan, enabling us to treat the symptoms of the illness as well as identify the underlying cause of the illness. This is the best approach to diagnosis, and this level of care helps the patient understand their condition better, and enables them to prevent such illnesses in the future. At E&J Family Health Center you will always have access to your designated therapist on every visit, helping you create strong bonds for better healthcare.
We want to return to the root of medical practice, where patients are treated with dignity and respect. At E&J Family Health Center you are valued as a part of the family!

E and J Family Health Center is contracted to provide care for patients who are covered by these insurance plans.

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