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Family Medicine

Hello! My name is Edgardo Colón MD

Board Certified

Born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, Dr. Edgardo Colón earned his bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Puerto Rico. Graduating magna cum laude, he specialized in microbial technology. From here, Dr. Colón took it upon himself to dive deep into the workings of the human body.  He embarked upon a journey to not only gain more expertise in the field but to help mankind in the process. He studied medicine at Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara in Jalisco, México (commonly abbreviated as UAG).

After graduating from UAG, Dr. Colón turned to Texas. He was accepted in the Family and Community Medicine Residency Program at Texas Tech University – Paul Foster School of Medicine in El Paso, Texas.  During his years in residency, Dr. Colón proved his mettle by tirelessly helping the community.

His knowledge in the field grew and so did his years of experience. He was then elected as the vice president of the house staff at Texas Tech University – Paul Foster School of Medicine.  During his time in El Paso, Texas, Dr. Colón worked as a clinical and assistant professor for the Family and Community Medicine Residency Program.  He served the community by not only rendering his services as a doctor but also by training family medicine residents and medical students who could then, in turn, serve the community.

Dr. Colón’s tireless efforts into helping and training young medical students did not go unnoticed.  He has been awarded the 2019-2020 Medical Student Teaching Award as a grateful appreciation for excellence in medical student education.

Dr. Colón’s core beliefs always revolved around serving the community.  He wanted to help where it was needed the most.  In the last semester of his residency, his search took him to the United States Army.  He joined the United States Army- Reserve where he is currently serving as a medical officer. Dr. Colón is currently serving as the officer in charge of the 7413-troop medical clinic at Fort Bliss El Paso, Texas.  His quest for serving humanity has taken him overseas many-a-times.  He has served in the middle eastern country of Kuwait as a family physician.  He served Soldiers at a combat support hospital in Camp Arifjan, Kuwait.  His exemplary service and dedication did not go unnoticed. Dr. Colón was awarded The Army Commendation medal for his remarkable service as a physician in support of Operation Spartan Shield.

Dr. Edgardo Colón has always believed in giving back.  His firm belief is: “helping a man, if one is in a position to help, is not a choice, but a duty.” This firm and helpful attitude is what sets him apart.  Dr. Colón, who loved to indulge in water sports as a child, firmly believes that everyone deserves to live a happy and fulfilled life and wants to do his part to ensure just that!


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